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Green Mountain’s data center DC1 Stavanger was yesterday awarded the Uptime Institute Tier III certification. With this certification Green Mountain is the first and only co-location data center in Scandinavia with such a certification.

We are conscious that our customers should feel confident about the reliability of our data centers.  We build our datacenters with robust infrastructure because we want to deliver the best possible service to our clients. Building “a robust infrastructure” does not necessarily mean that robustness is achieved. Increased complexity may for example lead to more sources for errors. Uptime Institute’s Tier standard for data centers has been established as the method of how such data center infrastructure should be built globally. A Tier III certification such as the one Green Mountain has achieved is very extensive, but may be condensed  into two main points;

1. The data center infrastructure must be concurrently maintainable
2. The data center should be fault tolerant

This certification is therefore highly regarded, and we admit that it has been far more challenging and demanding to complete than we had expected. Uptime Institute has conducted a detailed analysis of every unit possible within the whole facility, everything is scrutinized to examine possibilities for error situations and combination of errors to occur. Then, a number of test scenarios are established and completed. A very thorough testing of the entire infrastructure in an attempt to find any possible weakness. Green Mountain passed the review and all the tests with excellence.

– Operation of critical systems requires an infrastructure that matches the systems’ criticality. Since we now have achieved Tier III certification we can now demonstrate that we have established an infrastructure that can withstand failures and can thus provide our customers stable operation even in extreme situations. Our customers can smile and I as the COO can sleep sound at night knowing that both the infrastructure and the organization is able to endure difficult situations, Tor Kristian Gyland, COO says.

– After the review and the achieved certification, I am really proud. Proud of the work our people have performed, proud of the people, the expertise and the promise we have gained through the certification process itself, says Knut Molaug, CEO of Green Mountain. This is a milestone for us and very important our continued marketing efforts. It’s probably difficult for those who have not undergone such a certification to understand the scope, thoroughness and level of details it assumes. What we are certain of after this is that one should never trust anyone who says they have a Tier III data center – if you can’t see the certificate, then it is only words.