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Green Mountain, the colocation data centre operator, has designed and just finished building a second Tier III data centre in Norway ahead of schedule after making a commitment last November to Norway’s largest bank.

DNB will be taking phase I of this new data centre which is located in Rjukan, Norway. The site was chosen primarily for availability of green power, cooling and physical security. Commenting on the fast completion of the data centre, Knut Molaug, CEO of Green Mountain , said:. “One of our most valued clients, DNB are very pleased that it was completed in such a tight time scale. From ‘green field ‘ to handover in just 6 months”.

The location of the site, Rjukan, is one of the cornerstones in Norwegian industrial history. Norsk Hydro built the world’s first fertiliser factories here in the early 1900’s because of the abundant availability of hydro power. The same low cost hydro power will be running the new data centre as it continues to enhance Green Mountain’s green portfolio by offering low energy cost and reducing the carbon footprint of clients from all over Europe.

The data centre is the first phase in a multi-million pound investment to build a large ‘zero emission’ collocation facility in Rjukan. Knut described the case for other clients using Green Mountain as being about low cost, low risk and a low-carbon footprint: “The bottom line is that UK companies can make an estimated 30% saving on operating costs”. Commenting on Green Mountain’s future investment in the data centre, Knut said: “Since we opened our first data centre near Stavanger, we have found that there is a massive demand for security, price stability, sustainability and scalability so we intend to invest £60M in the data centre in Rjukan over the coming years.” Knut added: “Our aim is to be an important, cutting edge green data centre operator in the European market”.

Following in the footsteps of Green Mountain’s first award-winning data centre, the new facility in Rjukan is powered entirely by electricity created from hydro-power. Two of the hydro-power stations are located only a few hundred meters away from the data centre with four additional stations in the immediate vicinity. The robustness of the data centre’s  power supplies, the physical security of its location together with its submission for Uptime Institute Tier lll  certification, make it an ideal data centre for Europe’s most risk-averse corporations.