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Jottacloud moves to Green Mountain

Jottacloud has signed an agreement with Green Mountain for data centre services to provide highly secure cloud services to their customers, promote growth and meet increased customer demand. The data centre, which is located deep inside the mountain in a former NATO ammunition storage facility at Rennesøy, will provide safe and reliable services to Jottaclouds` customers in both the corporate and consumer markets.

The agreement is a key component in Jottacloud`s cloud offering in Norway, where Jottacloud is the largest Norwegian player in the consumer market with over 800,000 users. Jotta is a fully owned Norwegian company with Norwegian owners, operating under Norwegian privacy laws and stores all files in Norway. This allows them to guarantee their customers’ privacy.

– Norwegian law sets clear limits for access to data information from the authorities, unlike many other countries. We are experiencing a growing demand for local and secure cloud services among our Norwegian and overseas customers. The new data centre solution enables us to secure cloud services of high quality at both the corporate and consumer markets. We can guarantee our customers the world’s best privacy, says Roland Rabben, General Manager of Jotta.

Jottacloud will be operated from Green Mountain`s data centre DC1-Stavanger. The data centre has a cooling source from the adjacent fjord and uses gravity to bring cold water into the cooling station without using any energy. Green Mountain offers the highest level of security for storage of sensitive data and information in Scandinavia. Furthermore, Green Mountains` data centres operates solely on renewable energy which supports Jottacloud`s ambitions of sustainable development. – It is a great pleasure to welcome Jottacloud as a customer. We have been working for a while to get this agreement in place, and it is very satisfying to achieve the trust of a leading cloud company such as Jottacloud. This agreement helps Jottacloud`s ambition to offer their customers secure storage in one of the world’s most efficient and green data centres, says Petter M. Tømmeraas, Chief Sales Officer of Green Mountain.

Green Mountain is the only data centre operator in Scandinavia offering Tier III certified data centre services, which ensure that sensitive data and information are stored safely. This together with the green profile ensures Jottacloud and their customers the necessary quality, safety and compliance with the requirements and legislation needed to increase growth.

– We currently have a significant demand for data centre services from cloud players in Norway, Scandinavia and the rest of the world, so for us this is a strategically important agreement. Norway is a very good place for the cloud companies to put their data centres as we can offer world class privacy legislation as well as very favorable conditions. This agreement with Jottacloud is yet another proof that our commitment to quality has been a wise strategy, says Knut Molaug, CEO of Green Mountain.

For further information, please contact:

Jottacloud Roland Rabben, General Manager, tel: 90 85 85 39, e-mail:

Green Mountain

Knut Molaug, CEO, tel.: 901 39 522, e-mail:
Silje Stensland, Media Coordinator, tel.: 922 65 803, e-mail:

About Jottacloud
Jottacloud is a Norwegian cloud storage service for both private use and businesses. The service lets you securely copy, synchronize, save and share files from all of your devices. These files will be safely stored on environmentally friendly servers in Norway or in countries with equivalent or even more rigorous privacy laws. Firms based in the US might be forced to hand over their stored information to the authorities. No one will get access to the data stored with us.

Jotta AS is the name of the company behind the service. Founded in 2008, today we are located in central Oslo and consist of twelve employees. The name “Jotta” is based on the “Yottabyte” which is one trillion Terabytes. The “cloud” is the term used to denote storing and sharing files on the internet.

About Green Mountain
Green Mountain AS design, build and operate high security, robust wholesale colocation data centres. Green Mountain currently have two data centres in Norway with plans to develop in other regions. The data centres operate on 100% low cost renewable power and use free cooling to create unique power efficiency.

The data centre near Stavanger (DC1-Stavanger) is built deep inside a mountain in a former high security NATO ammunition store. The data centre in Telemark (DC2-Telemark) is in the ‘cradle of hydro power’ with multiple local hydro power plants. We are one of the largest operators in the sector in Norway with clients in finance, IT, government, oil and gas and others. More information can be found on