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High security data centre in the cradle of hydro power

Credit: Green Mountain - Photographer: Knut Bry

DC2-Telemark is located in a historic region of Norway and is being built on a ‘brown field’ site with a 10MW supply initially available. First phase is a fully operational Tier lll 1MW facility, with 4 new buildings and up to 25 MW + total capacity planned. Data centres can be bespoke to client requirements. The location chosen because it is the cradle of hydro electric power in Norway and as a consequence it has several large hydro power stations in very close proximity ensuring robust and low cost power to the site.


DC2-Telemark is uniquely placed not only in Norway but in Western Europe in the number of hydro electric plants it has in close proximity to the site. There are 6 hydro electric plants in the valley and 2 underground hydro electric plants within 2 km of the site (1 and 2 ). The National Grid has  2x 500MW within 1km of the site (3). There are 2 x 10MW on site (outlined in yellow) with capability to expand to 100MW.

Cooling solution

DC2-Telemark has a unique cooling source available from an adjacent water supply which is first used for hydro generation in the mountain. As the water exits the mountain at a consistent year round temperature near the data centre it is piped to a heat exchanger in the cooling station. It is then discharged into the river where the raise in temperature helps fish breed.

The cooling solution (including cooling station, chilled water pipework and pumps) is fully duplicated providing an N+N solution. Because there are few moving parts (circulating pumps) the solution is extremely robust and reliable. Server rooms will have available N+N chilled water under the raised floor. In row cooling will be installed to client specification using hot isle technology. Standard power density from 2-6kW m2, bespoke solutions can be accommodated up to 20 kW m2.

Server rooms

Sample server room illustrating setup with high density racks and N+1 in-row cooling.

We have server rooms available now with planned facility of 1000 m2+.

Bespoke solution: power density, cooling, security solutions etc. can be delivered according to customer requirements.


DC-Telemark has redundant fibre paths into the site (last mile).

  • Multiple independent Carriers in land paths
  • Multiple high quality fibre-channels from neutral carriers available
  • Multiple paths into European markets via Oslo – multiple carriers
  • Across to Denmark – multiple carriers
  • Low latency connectivity to Continental Europe

Carriers (Contact details in ‘Partners’ section)

Green Mountain Data Centre is a carrier neutral facility.

Meet-me rooms

We have established two fully redundant meet-me-rooms in different parts of the facility for carriers with diverse fibre paths to them. Dedicated meet-me-rooms may also be made available for customers with such requirements.